Want to Develop Functioning IT Policy and Procedure?

We Question Your Requirement. You Answer.

Once again, we will ask you review the developed Framework with relevant Plan, Policy and Procedure!

Review. Implement.


Plan is a set of tasks that are scheduled with required resources, typically used to achieve some objective, in usually a diagram or list.

Plan combines the Policies executable through Procedures.


The building blocks of rules, principles and strategies, policies provide the basics for decision making and consistent planning.

Policies define what to achieve.


Procedures translate planned ideas into actions through step by step functions and relevant activities.

Procedures determine how to achieve.

Ready to shift?

Let’s discuss the following policies and procedures and develop a framework for acquiring and managing your information technology systems based on your organizational business requirements:

  • Acceptable Use Policies
  • Cyber Security and Policies
  • Risk and Assurance Policies
  • Resiliency and Recovery
  • Organizational Policies
  • Standard Service Policies

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