Use your Network Resources for Voice

Implement IP Telephony!

Use of SIP can ease your communication, utilizing the same infrastructure that you prepared for data!

Let's communicate!

Services We Offer:

Basic communication

The day to day regular PABX communication utilizing IP PBX System. This reduces the CAPEx, utilizing existing infrastructure for communication needs!

Audio and Video Conferencing

Multi-party conferencing can reduce the time to travel, and hence the OPEx! Both Audio-only, or  Video conferencing solutions available.

PSTN Integration and Fallback

What if IP WAN is down? A usually rare scenario with backup links configured. Prevention is better, and hence PSTN fallback integration.

Products we deal with:

IP PBX Appliances

Varieties of IP PBX asterisk-based appliances, both plug and play, and configurable. Suitable for most SIP Phones and softphones.

IP Phones

SIP based IP Phones of various types. Basic and multi-line IP phones that can utilize most advanced features provided by the SIP Appliances.

Conference Stations

Conference stations, both hardware- and software-based utilizing features from SIP appliances and advanced multi-line IP Phones.

Infrastructure Devices

Basic to highly configurable routers and switches, and wireless appliances to extend your infrastructure to next level of integration.

So, Want to use IP Communication?

Are you A Start up? or an Established Institution?

Our solutions can match your needs!

Whether you require basic communication solutions, audio and/or video conference solutions, or automatic answering or more complex action-based IVRs, we can provide solutions. And of course, related Hardware, appliances or otherwise!

Let’s communicate!

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